I have recently started a success coaching practice in order to help people get to the next level in their careers, relationships, and life fulfillment. Below, I wanted to explain a little about my theory behind this new program and my attraction to coaching.  

People usually seek out a therapist or a coach for different reasons: They may go into therapy because they feel like they need to be fixed, whereas they may go into coaching in order to build upon their strengths.

People are innately good, with a natural desire to be productive and the ability to be successful. When we are not creating the kind of life we want, it is not because there is something inherently wrong with us, it is because we have not yet figured out how to tap into the potential already present within us.

As a therapist, I have helped people tap into that potential for ten years. I have noticed that people often arrive with a presenting issue --“I have panic attacks,” “I am unable to get along with my spouse,” “I do not like my job”-- that we are able to quickly fix.

But my clients stay with me after the "problem" is fixed because as soon as a level of inner peace is attained by getting rid of the "problem," a whole new level of aspirations and desires open up.

Do you notice that whenever we achieve a goal in our careers, relationships, or recreation, our minds immediately come up with a new goal? So sometimes we don’t take the time to appreciate what we have achieved.

Because humans are naturally productive, I never worry about directly motivating people. Instead, I help people get clear about what they want in life, uncover the blocks that prevent them from achieving their goals and help them stop to reflect on the progress they are making. They take the time to feel great about the life they are creating, which fuels the passion inside of them to reach their next set of goals, hence maximizing their motivation and sense of fulfillment simultaneously.

My new role as coach is really no different than what I have been doing for my entire career. As a coach though, my clients get the added bonus of a structured curriculum, a focus on success and achievement from the start, and my passion as their partner to help them live better.