1) Accept that you will have some feelings.

Every transition brings with it a multitude of feelings including fear, but we tend to resist our feelings of fear by talking to ourselves negatively or denying that those feelings exist. The way to move through feelings is to identify them, accept them without judgment, and then they begin to move through us.

What are the feelings you have about the next phase of life?

2) Have a positive outlook.

Our mind tends to focus on our weaknesses and what is wrong with our life, in order to combat this we must gently redirect ourselves towards a positive outlook. (The fatal mistake in this step is to beat ourselves up for not being more positive instead of having empathy for ourselves that is step is extremely challenging).

What are the qualities you have that make you more confident that you will succeed?

What are you grateful and excited about for the future?

3) Identify the worst case scenario.

When we are having a big moment of fear, it is helpful to take that fear to the ultimate end in order to know we will be okay no matter what.

What is the worst case scenario and how will you work through it?

4) Look for the next growth steps.

Instead of viewing the parts of ourselves that we are not done growing yet as weaknesses, take a proactive role in becoming the best version of yourself. We all have stuff we can become better at.

What are the skills you are worried you don’t have yet?

What are the small steps you can take to develop them?

5) Ask for help.

It is important to surround yourself with people that will lift you up and support your goals and dreams. You might go to different people at different times depending on what you need in each specific moment.

Who are the people in your life that help you to achieve your goals?

What does each specific person in your life give you?

6) Define what success is.

We cannot achieve success unless we have defined it in great detail.

Define what success is for you, so that you can give yourself credit when you have achieved it.