Do you ever notice how we are in a constant state of comparison?

“She is better than me at dressing fashionably.” 
“I am smarter than him.” 
“I would never talk to someone using the tone of voice she did.” 
“I am different than other people, I am not shallow.” 
“Nobody has difficulty expressing themselves like I do.”

These are just a few examples of the kind of running dialogue in our minds all of the time.


What is the problem with that?

The problem with constant comparison is that it creates distance instead of closeness. It keeps us from genuinely connecting to others and to ourselves. The times when we stop comparing ourselves to others are the times we are able to relate to others, feel our similarities, and empathize with them. Love is true acceptance of ourselves and the people we are trying connect to.

Is it possible to motivate ourselves to reach our full potential without constant comparison?

When we give up constant comparison and simply ask ourselves, from moment to moment, who we want to be, we can connect to others and accomplish practically anything.